As a company, our focus is on our "Customers"!  We are constantly improving our productivity through ongoing training, education and certification for our employees.  We use both long-established methods and state-of-the-art technologies. 

All work is performed by trained IEI personnel in accordance with our standard operating guidelines which comply with regulatory requirements.


Our Philosophy is to provide our customers with an uncompromising safety culture that complements IEI’s high quality expertise in all our services.

Our Mission is to always deliver safe, superior service to our customers and to be recognized as the preferred provider within the markets we serve.

Safety is a prime concern for IEI and is exemplified by our continued partnership with TVTC and keeping our employees’ safety requirements current with expert training.

We specialize in :

  • Plant/Industrial Maintenance
    - Maintenance Site Supervision
    - Welding
    - Pipe Fitting
    - Coatings/Painting (piping, tanks, structural steel)
    - Civil Construction

  • Welding & Fabrication

  • General Civil Construction (Concrete & Steel Erection)

  • Speciality Coatings
    - Safety Flooring
    - Seamless Roof Systems

  • Demolition Work

  • Minor Build-Back Renovations

  • Mold and Soil Management
    - Mold Remediation
    - Soil Remediation


IEI Professionals

John Stephens

Associates & Staff

Leo Cruz
Business Manager

Kenny Sloan
Kansas Plant Manager

Hunter Deverell
Site Manager

Stuart Edrington
CWI Welding Manager

Gail McCallen
Regional Office Manager

Molly Hill
Payroll & HR Manager

Jen Sloan
Kansas Office Manager

Brian Cook
Fabrication/ Welder Supervisor

Bruce McDivitt

Joe Russo

Fabian Cruz

Bryan Rouse

Jake Adams



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