Mold & Soil Management

Mold is a type of fungi and fungi is one of the most diverse and prolific members of the animal kingdom.  There have been about 100,000 fungi identified and that is probably about 1/10th of the world’s total species.  Mold can be found as airborne spores both indoor and outdoor environments. Some species of mold and mildew have tremendous destructive power and are agents of disease and decay.  Mold is the #1 cause of allergies in the U.S.

Mold can affect your health.  It can cause skin infections on the outer layer or an allergic or inflammatory response.  It can also infect the lower skin layers usually introduced through a wound.  It can cause sinus and lung infections, wheezing, sore throat, diarrhea, fatigue, skin irritations, central nervous system problems and immune suppression.

Our Approach

Image Environmental has a staff of trained and licensed professionals using the most up-to-date techniques to ensure a safe and cost-effective project.  Our experience working with mold enables us to provide realistic solutions associated with the removal or encapsulation.

We adhere to all federal, state and local regulations and licensing.

Clean up Process

  1. Assess size of mold problem and note mold-damaged materials.

  2. Select remediation manager and remediation team.

  3. Identify source or cause of water or moisture problem.

  4. Plan remediation adapting guidelines to fit situation.

  5. Select personal protective equipment.

  6. Select containment equipment.

  7. Remediate

  8. Fix water or moisture problem.

  9. Clean and dry moldy materials.

  10. Discard non-moldy items that can’t be cleaned.

  11. Dry non-moldy items within 48 hours.

  12. Check for return of moisture and mold problem.


Mold is found in:

  • Damp basements or crawl spaces.

  • Discolored walls (where there has been a water leak).

  • Cracks in shower stalls or under and around sinks.

  • Sweating or leaking toilets.

  • Old windows that sweat or seep water.

  • On all products that contain cellulose, such as:  wood, drywall and particle board.  Mold can live happily digesting cellulose.